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NineDots workshops are the ultimate workshop experience for wedding photographers.

Upcoming events:

1: 28 Feb + 1 Mar 2017 Manchester – The two-day Ultimate WorkshopSOLD OUT

2: 2 March 2017 Manchester – UltraLight WorkshopSOLD OUT

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we are NineDots

NineDots is a photography learning community run by leading wedding photographers Andy Gaines, Mick Shah, Adam Johnson and Rahul Khona.

As well as hosting the annual NineDots Gathering, we also run a select number of unique collaborative workshop dates throughout the year – aimed at wedding photographers who want to take their craft and their business to the next level!

The four of us came together because we’re all supremely passionate about making awesome creative wedding imagery no matter the environment or circumstances. In a few short years we’ve all developed successful businesses that attract couples who value and buy into the way we do what we do.

Our workshops are not like any other wedding photography workshop currently available. The feedback we’ve had from previous workshops and the community that’s formed as a result is unbelievable. Due to our busy wedding schedules we are only able to run a small number of these uniquely collaborative workshops each year, so snap up a place on one of our upcoming workshops while they’re still available!

    All upcoming events SOLD OUT - please join the mailing list to be the first to hear about future NineDots workshops and events

    The NineDots Four

    Between us we've shot over 750 weddings worldwide, won Fearless awards, ISPWP awards, Junebug Best of the Best awards, a Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars award, and two Wedding Industry Awards for Best Wedding Photographer in England. As four of the leading UK wedding photographers we want to share everything we know with you to help you take your photography and business to the next level!


    Adam Johnson


    Andy Gaines


    Mick Shah


    Rahul Khona

    The NineDots Ultimate Workshop

    2 Days // 28 Feb + 1 Mar 2017 // Central Manchester // £695 per place // limited seats

    The ultimate learning experience for wedding photographers who want to take their photography to a new level. Over the course of two full on days of transformational learning, here are the main topics we’ll cover (there’ll be lots of time for questions too):

    • The NineDots mindset – create your own awesome!
    • Shooting in limited space with limited time – make awesome images anywhere!
    • Posing (there will be a live shoot with a real couple)
    • Storytelling & moments – equipment and approach. make more than snapshots
    • Working with available light
    • Utilising a creative approach to the whole wedding day
    • Introduction to off camera lighting
    • Workflow basics – culling and editing
    • Advanced shooting techniques – Composite group shots
    • Portfolio/website/brand reviews
    • Business/SEO quick wins
    • Access to the NineDots backstage community for ongoing support

    There will be lots of practical sessions to help reinforce the knowledge we will be sharing (nothing will be held back and we want the workshop to be as interactive is possible) and we will give individual tailored advice through portfolio/website reviews to help you focus on your own business and photography.

    As with any NineDots workshop, each day will finish in the pub and no question is off limits!

    2 Days // 28 Feb + 1 Mar 2017 // Central Manchester // £695 per place // Limited seats

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      The NEW NineDots UltraLight Workshop

      1 Day // 2 March 2017 // Central Manchester // £500 per place // limited seats

      This is an intensive advanced practical workshop all about light that will help you see, find, make and use light to transform your ability to deal with whatever situation your weddings throw at you. An exclusive opportunity for a limited number of people to learn lighting from four of the best UK wedding photographers and to boost your creative toolkit to be able to mix things up when you need to. Over the course of the day we will give you quick wins and lots of practical sessions including live shooting with a real couple to help you master:

      • Window Light
      • Speedlights (on and off camera flash)
      • Video Light
      • Dance floor lighting
      • Special lighting effects
      • Multi-light setups

      This one-day workshop is aimed at anyone who struggles with or wants to master light in their wedding photography. Run by leading wedding photographers Andy Gaines, Adam Johnson, Rahul Khona and Mick Shah, we have shot over 750 weddings between us all over the world, and achieved a lot of recognition along the way. We all run financially successful and enjoyable businesses and believe we can help you transform your wedding photography through our NineDots workshops.

      We will share everything we know about light and lighting and how we use it at weddings to create visually stunning images in a short amount of time, and how we all use light to create a consistent look to our work and make our life easier when editing too! This workshop will involve some live shooting with a real couple.

      You will leave with the skills needed to find, see and use available light and how to make good light with flash or other light sources when the situation calls for it – in any venue and in any conditions!

      As with any NineDots workshop, the day will finish in the pub and no question is off limits!

      This workshop is strictly limited in places!

      1 Day // 2 March 2017 // Central Manchester // £500 per place // limited seats

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        Ultimate+UltraLight Bundle

        3 Days // 28 Feb – 2 March 2017 // Central Manchester // £995 per place (saving £200)

        Book a place on both the Ultimate and UltraLight workshops at the same time and save a significant amount off the separate prices of both workshops! For just £995 we will help you transform your business, shooting and lighting skills over the course of three days of epic NineDots learning!

        3 Days // 28 Feb – 2 March 2017 // Central Manchester // £995 per place (saving £200)

          SOLD OUT - Join the mailing list to hear about future workshops

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What is the difference between a NineDots workshop and the NineDots Gathering?
          Big difference. Our workshops are led by the four of us, dropping all of our knowledge about wedding photography and business. They are intimate and personal learning experiences. The gathering is a social-learning event, the main events being a series of short presentations by wedding photographers from around the world on subjects they are passionate about, followed by a huge party! We think both have a huge part to play in ongoing professional development.

          Why is it called NineDots when there are only four of you?
          NineDots is the name of the puzzle which coined the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’. You had to join all the dots using only 4 straight lines without taking your pen off the paper, and the only way to do this was to draw outside the apparent box. We like to think we adopt this mindset as photographers and want to help you to do the same!

          Any discounts for two people from the same studio to attend?
          No afraid not. Our seat prices are fixed and we think represent excellent value given the amount of knowledge you’ll get from four of the most respected wedding photographers in the UK. We give everything we have, we tell everything we know and will answer any questions fully and honestly. Our ultimate workshop also includes a personalised unbiased portfolio review which we think is massively beneficial to any photographer.

          What experience do I need to come on a NineDots workshop?
          For The Ultimate Workshop you need to be competent with your camera, and have a sound knowledge of things like shutter speed and aperture. You don’t have to be a seasoned wedding photographer but all our content is aimed at people who want to be outstanding wedding photographers so that just has to be your end goal!

          The UltraLight Workshop is more advanced and is aimed at established wedding photographers who struggle with lighting and want to master it!

          What’s the difference between the Ultimate 2-day workshop and the UltraLight workshop?
          The 2 day, Ultimate workshop covers all the topics we feel are important with creating amazing wedding photography and running an awesome wedding photography business – we go through all our creative and business processes – from getting the ideal clients – to processing, workflow and everything in between. Whist we do cover light – due to time restraints we can never go as deep as we’d like.

          In the UltraLight workshop we are specifically honing in on making better imagery through mastering light. How we see it, use it, manipulate it and how we apply that to off camera flash and various other artificial light sources to create amazing wedding photography with a particular look and feel. The UltraLight workshop is all about improving your craft as a photographer by learning to master the most important aspect of it! At the end of the day no lighting scenario, dark venue, dance floor or portrait session will intimidate you again!

          What’s the difference between NineDots and any other workshops?
          The key difference is that our workshops are led and designed not by one, but by four amazing wedding photographers.  So you’re getting the collective advice, experience and expertise of all four in each and every topic covered. Also the ratio of tutors to attendees is a lot higher – this means each attendee gets more one on one input and has greater access to a tutor. This allows us to do things like 1-2-1 in-depth portfolio reviews, splitting up into groups for the shoots and generally having more flexibility in providing an awesome learning experience for each person that attends.

          How long is each workshop day?
          Every day starts at 10 and ends at 6pm BUT at NineDots we really believe building relationships is key. So we always make a point of socialising afterwards and we encourage everyone to come out – because so many times we’ve found attendees have been able to ask specific questions, or get advice on any thing they personally need help. This ‘social time’, and the things discussed in it, are an invaluable addition to the knowledge learned druing the day. At NineDots the learning never stops!

          Do we get any support after the workshop?
          We see NineDots as a community and we have a very tight-knit facebook group full of awesome people who’ve been on our workshops. We are very active in this group and will always help where we can with questions and/or advice. For more detailed or focussed ongoing support we offer skype mentoring and one-to-one training.

          Will there be sambuca?
          Oh yes there will be sambuca! Every NineDots workshop ends in the pub for drinks and chatter well into the night! The real question is are you a black or white sambuca person?!

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